Petapawag Boat Launch

Nashua River Watershed Paddle Launch Sites

Are you looking to see if there is river access in your community?  This list is arranged by community, and subdivided by river.  Detailed descriptions of these launch sites, directions to the launches, and detailed information about the river segments accessible from each launch, can be found in the NRWA Canoe and Kayak GuideView launch locations on Google map.



On the Nashua River

        Hospital Road/Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge Launch


On the Nashua River

        Petapawag Boat Launch

On the Squannacook River

        West Groton Water Department Launch


On the Nashua River

       Still River Depot Road/ Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge Launch


On the Nashua River

        Rt. 117/Seven Bridge Road Launch

On the North Nashua River

        North Main Street Launch

        Pellechia Canoe Launch

        Main Street Bridge Launch


On the Nashua River

        Rt. 119 Car-top Only Launch

        Kemp Conservation Area Launch (Note : this launch may not continue to be open to the public. Contact the Pepperell Conservation Commission for up-to-date information-- (978) 433-0325.)

       Canal Street Launch

        Downstream of Pepperell Dam Launch

On the Nissitissit River

        Prescott Street Bridge Launch


On the Nashua River

        Walker Road Upstream of Ayer Ice House Dam Launch

        Walker Road Downstream of Ayer Ice House Dam Launch


On the Stillwater River

        Moore’s Corner Launch


On the Squannacook River

        Stone Bridge/Canal Street Launch

        Off Elm Street Launch

        Harbor Pond Launch (upstream of Harbor Pond Dam)

        Rt. 119/Main Street Launch (downstream of Harbor Pond Dam)

New Hampshire


On the Nissitissit River

        Bond Street Launch

        Rt. 13 (behind Sunoco) Launch

        South Main Street Bridge Launch


On the Nashua River

        Rt. 111/Depot Road at Runnells Bridge Launch (Note : Private property; must contact landowner will ahead of time to secure permission--(215) 266-7242 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..) 

On the Nissitissit River

        West Hollis Road/Brookline Street Launch


On the Nashua River

        Tilton & Winchester Streets Launch

        Mine Falls Dam Launch (upstream of Mine Falls Dam)

        Millyard Technology Park Launch (Note : Private property for permission to use ramp to access the river contact (603) 598-1275.)

        Main Street Bridge Launch

On Mine Falls Canal

        Mine Falls Pond and Canal Launch